Craft Co., Ltd. (“We”) recognizes that we have an important responsibility as a business operator of which handles personal information properly and protect personal information of customers and all persons involved in the company.

Based on the “Personal Information Protection Policy”, we will protect personal information regarding the following items.

1. Definition of “personal information”

In our company, personal information is the information that corresponds to each of the following items: name, date of birth and other descriptions, numbers, symbols and other symbols attached to personal information, identification of the individual, information that can identify a specific individual by code or image or voice (including information that can not be identified with the information alone but can be easily compared with other information, thereby identifying the individual).

  1. Information that has been deposited with customer’s consignment of information processing services
  2. Information acquired for providing information service to customers

Note – The information processing service refers to within the scope of our company’s business, such as contract development of software, hardware equipment sales, consulting, package software development and sales, LAN construction etc.

2. Purpose of using personal information

  1. Information that has been deposited with customer’s consignment of information processing services
    Since we operate a comprehensive information service industry, we will use personal information that we will keep with the processing of information processing services from customers, to the extent of the use purpose of the consigned information processing service.
  2. Information acquired for providing information service to customers
    We will use personal information which was acquired for provision service to customers with the range of purpose of use of the information providing service.
  3. Skill sheets provided by partner companies
    We will use skill sheets provided by partner companies to select outsourcing parties.

3. Handling of personal information

Within the scope of our legitimate business, we will specify and clarify the purpose of use as much as possible and do so to the extent necessary for achieving that purpose. In addition, such means shall be properly performed, and shall not be carried out by lying or other improper means. Regarding the use purpose of personal information, in principle, we will obtain the consent of the individual. Others shall be notified or announced to the individual as necessary.

We shall use and provide personal information within the scope of the purpose of use, we will not use or provide for purposes other than purpose of use. However, this does not apply to cases falling under any of the following items.

  1. When it is necessary by the provisions of laws and regulations
  2. When it is necessary for the protection of human life, body, health or property and it is difficult to obtain consent of the person himself / herself
  3. When it is particularly necessary for improving public health or promoting the sound development of children and it is difficult to obtain consent of the person himself / herself
  4. In cases where it is necessary to cooperate in such a way that a national agency or a local public entity or a person receiving consignment thereof can carry out the affairs prescribed by laws and ordinances, and when it has a risk of interfering with the performance of the affairs if obtaining the consent of the person itself.

4. About inquiries of personal information and complaints

We will respond to requests for disclosure of personal information of customers owned by us, requests for other corrections, suspension of utilization etc. in accordance with laws and ordinances in a reasonable extent. Before we respond to your request, we may check your contact information and other details in order to confirm whether you are the customer himself / herself,and may require to receive application form in writing (including electronic method) and identity confirmation materials. In addition, we may ask the customer to present matters that can identify the subject personal information regarding these requests.
However, if any of the following applies, we could choose not to disclose.

  1. When there is a risk of harming the life, body, health or property or other rights and interests of the principal or a third party
  2. When there is a risk of seriously hindering the proper implementation of our business
  3. In case of violating laws and regulations

We will respond appropriately and promptly to complaints and consultation concerning the handling of personal information about your own personal information provided to our company, and we will respond appropriately to reasonable extent. For inquiries regarding personal information, please contact the following personal information inquiry center.

[personal information inquiry center]

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