Philosophy of personal information protection

Craft Co.Ltd(“We”) considers the content and scale of the Company’s business with respect to the information entrusted by the customer from the consignment of information processing services and personal information of all of the company’s employees, customers and transaction personnel, etc., which is used for business purposes. In order to acquire, use and provide appropriate personal information, we observe laws and regulations concerning personal information protection, guidelines specified by the government, and other norms, consideration of international trends, voluntary rules and Establish a system. We declare that we will establish personal information protection policy as below and implement compliance program and maintain it sustainably.

  1. In order to implement this declaration, we have established a personal dataprotection management system and thoroughly disseminated it to all our employees (including executives, regular employees, temporary employees, contract employees, part-time workers) and other stakeholders to improve and maintain continuously.
  1. We will prevent and correct unauthorized access to personal information, leakage, loss or damage of personal information. For that purpose, we formulate security policies and take appropriate information security measures such as countermeasures against unauthorized access and computer viruses.
  1. We obtain personal information by lawful and fair way. In other words, we will not obtain by unauthorized method.
  1. When we obtain personal information indirectly, we will confirm on the personal information whether the provider got it properly from the principal or not, and will process it on a contract basis.
  1. We confirm that the person of the personal information has the right to disclose, correct, stop the use, delete, etc., about the personal information of which we acquire directly and store, and respond to these requests. In addition, we will respond appropriately and promptly to complaints and consultations concerning the handling of personal information about your own personal information provided to us, and we will respond appropriately to the extent.
  1. When we delegate personal information to a third party for the purpose of entrusting the work of using personal information jointly with a third party, we enter into contracts that we must investigate about the third party and we take other measures necessary for legislation.
  1. We will establish the following principles for the acquisition and handling of specific personal information.

Principles of using personal information

  • The use of personal information shall be carried out to the extent necessary for the performance of business only by those who are authorized according to the specific business within the range necessary for achieving the specified purpose of use. And we also take measures to prevent non-purpose use.

Prohibited matter

  1. In principle, we prohibit providing personal information to third parties.
  2. We will not do personal information leakage acts such as non-purpose use of personal information, take out from a usual use place, send to outside, etc.
  3. Our employees should not inform the third party of the content of personal information that we knew about in the work, or use it for unfair purposes. Even after I withdraw from the job related to the work, I will take the necessary measures as well.
  4. We do not acquire, use or provide personal information including the following contents.
      • Matters concerning thought, creed and religion
      • Race, ethnicity, family lineage, registered domicile (excluding the information on the prefectures), physical and mental disorders, criminal record, and other causes of social discrimination
      • Matters concerning the right to organize workers, collective bargaining and acts of other group activities
      • Matters concerning participation in collective demonstration acts, exercise of petition rights and exercise of other political rights
      • Matters concerning health care and sexual life

Date of Enactment: 1st May, 2005
Date of Revision : 1st July, 2016

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