Solution Section 1
Sales & Technology Group / System Development Group

For Travel Agency

  • Reservation/Customer/Sales management system for Wholesalers
  • Inter/Domestic travel reservation/customer/sales management system for travel agencies
  • Reservation/Customer/Sales management system for free individual travel(FIT)
  • Inter/Domestic travel reservation/customer/sales management system for In-House Agent
  • Automatically reservation system for plane tickets through GDS
  • Hotel reservation website
  • Risk management system for expatriate personnel
  • GDS/XML correspondence
  • Consulting of travel management service

For School

  • Entrance exam/syllabus/register/result/attendance/health examination results/course management system
  • Attendance/course management website

Other Applications

  • Operation control system for logistics industry
  • Operation control system for advertising agency
  • Operation control system for law firm
  • Operation control system for the hotel industry


  • Sale of hardware
  • Network configuration
  • Consulting of IT infrastructure

Solution Section 2
System Development Group

For Financial Industry

  • Customer/member store/credit administration management system
  • Contract/debenture bond/call center management system
  • Credit information inquiry system
  • Production control system to all sorts of business forms