Based on abundant achievements, we respond to the needs of each customer, and developing and providing high quality systems.
Among them, these are package softwares that focused on industries which has been engaged in development for many years.

For Travel

Basic system for business trip

This is a system specialized for business trips.
This is possible to consistently manage the flow from reservation reception to monthly processing.

Business trip arrangement request system

This is business trip portal site and possible to unify management of arrangement request information from business trip traveler / applicant.
This makes it possible to improve the work efficiency of the arranging side.

Customer locational information check system

This allows real-time confirmation of who is presently located at any time through the web site, in order to respond quickly to incidents / terrorism that occurred on business trips or assignments.

Trip operation system for wholesale

This is a package that can manage a series of tasks such as booking / ticketing, tariff, stock, payment, settlement, statistical record, accounting interlocking in one unit.

Common interface for XML(Patent No:5693638)
Common interface for XML

This is a common interface that solves the problem that the format was different for each GDS, and this makes shortened the development time when building a travel industry system.
It is possible to link with hotels and rental car dealers including GTA.
This Interface got patent in Japan, No:5693638.


For School

  • Entrance exam/syllabus/register/result/attendance/health examination results/course management system(Kyomu Partner)

For Logistic

  • Transportation management system
  • Dispatch board system
  • Estimated fare support system
  • Operation instruction support system
  • Eco management support system

For Hotel

  • Total management system for hotel industry (StayLink)


  • Bus operation management system